Stranger 467 – Bethany

Bethany hails from Carlisle and is a student of Drama at the University of Birmingham. She was visiting Glastonbury for the first time today with her friend, Jade (my stranger 466).


When I asked what Bethany enjoys in her spare time, she said “cultural adventures”. She likes to make visits to different places, like she had been doing for the long weekend in Glastonbury. She aims to act as much as possible too. Whether live or in film. When I asked if she had been paid for this, she laughed, shook her head and told me that once she had her meals paid for.


I asked they first met. Bethany told me that she had organised a Karaoke evening, as a fundraiser. Jade had been invited by a friend. Jade’s friend had approached Bethany. Bethany thought to herself “Oh, no. Not another guy hitting on me. That she would have to let him know that she wasn’t interested.”


When the young man approached, he turned out to be Jade’s wingman and explained to Bethany that his friend, Jade thought that she was attractive. He had told Jade that if she was too fearful to approach Bethany, that he would do it on her behalf!


Thank you Bethany for being part of my project. It was good to meet you and Jade today. Best wishes for your studies.


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